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Love, Sex, Leisure & Highlights Historical Tour of Pompeii with a Local Guide

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Private Tour Starting Price Maximum 14 People

Love, Sex and Romantic Passion in Pompeii

Pompeii is well known around the world for being the city destroyed and buried by the Mt. Vesuvius eruption of the 79AD. But the city was more than just ruins! Pompeii, like Las Vegas was a nice place to have fun and no inhibitions! Did you know that one of the main topics of conversation was sexuality?

Far from being considered a taboo, love, sex romance, homosexuality and even prostitution were things people could talk about, even in public.

The tour starts at the theatre (the Odeon) where during the Feralia they organized Nudatio Mimarum (a modern strep tease).

During the tour we can visit houses where Eros was in every corner with paintings on the walls, proof of that are the many graffiti and frescoes that you can admire walking around the city. Not all the Pompeiians had to reach the Lupanare to enjoy a sexual intercourse. Taverns, baths and even the domus had rooms dedicated to sex, whose walls were all covered in phallic symbols and decorated with statues, relics, charms and furniture pieces in the shape of a phallus – which was considered to be the primordial, instinctive force and -mat the same time – the most powerful amulet against evil.

Then, we will stop at the thermal bath another place where Eros was the protagonist of the deco-rations and where man and man enjoyed to have relationship.

The brothel and the red light district is where we will focalize our tour! Enter the Lupanare and give a look at the different pictures and inscription. Girls coming from any part of the Roman Empire and beyond used drawings to describe the sexual practice they were specialized in, overcoming any kind of language issue.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave your prejudice behind and enjoy this pleasant walking at the discovery of one of the most interesting practices of the Ancient times. Priapus will wish you good luck!

Additional Information

  • This is a private tour and it lasts 2.5 hours
  • Skip the line admission tickets included in the price
  • We don’t recommend this tour for kids