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Lifestyle of the Roman Rich: Domus & Villas in Pompeii, Oplontis and Boscoreale

Quick Details

One Adult (from Naples)
One Adult (from Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi coast, Salerno)
Adult Extra Adult 18+
Child Ages 4 - 17
Infant Ages 0 - 3

This is the best tour for archeology lovers!

The tour lasts in total about 8/ 9 hours

You will be surprised by the advanced lifestyle in which the romans used to live during the I c. A.d. Visiting the 3 sites means to have a full immersion in roman time. Really a great experience!

What you’ll see in Pompei:
Walking trough Marina gate you can reach the Forum, the center of daily life and enjoy the postcard view on mount Vesuvius. By the Forum, the roman bath and the residencial area will take you back in time.
You will see: Marina gate; Forum and roman bath; Fauno house; Villa of mysteries
Time: 2.5 h

What you’ll see in Oplontis:
Built on a cliff overlooking the sea, the Villa of Poppea was the meeting place of senators and politics. Around the huge swimming pool, the dining rooms and living rooms where the guests can relax.
You will see: Poppea’s villa
Time: 1 h

What you’ll see in Boscoreale:
A farm sourrended by vineyards where you can see the dolia, big pots for wine. By the country villa, the Antiquarium is the place where are preserved the organic remains, statues, plaster casts coming from Pompei, Oplontis and Boscoreale.
You will see: Villa Regina; Antiquarium
Time: 1 h

This is a private tour and a private driver is included.
Skip the line tickets included.