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Our Privacy & Data Treatment Policy

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Our Privacy Policy

Tours of Pompeii agrees to protect the privacy of the users, by informing them that their personal data will be used by Tours of Pompeii and not communicated to other companies in compliance with the following fundamental principles: Directive 95/46/CE of the European Parliament of the safeguard of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the circulation of data; Directive 97/66/CE for the tutelage of privacy in telecommunications; Directive 97/07/CE for the protection of consumers in long distance contracts; Directive 00/31/CE for electronic commerce; EC (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) Regulations 2003. (S.I. No. 535 of 2003) regarding protection code of personal data; Directive 2000/31/EC Regulations 2003, regarding electronic commerce.

The personal information will be exclusively required in the cases in which the information is necessary to identify and contact the user. In particular, the personal data will be gathered and conserved for the supply of our services and to supply the Judicial Authority with the required information; the personal data will be elaborated with the purpose of defining the users commercial profile which will be utilized by Tours of Pompeii for its own marketing and promotional purposes.

Finally, the personal data will be gathered, conserved and elaborated for administrative and accounting purposes. The conferring of the consent of the treatment of the personal data, supplied for the above purposes, is necessary. Tours of Pompeii will not be able to supply its services in the case in which the user refuses to agree to the above. Tours of Pompeii, through the data gathering and conservation system, ensures and guarantees that this will not comprise, directly or indirectly, arguments regarding the sensitive data; therefore, any data treatment which may concern directly or indirectly sensitive data will be excluded before hand.

Furthermore, in Tours of Pompeii portal, information on the pages visited by the user, within the Tours of Pompeii portal, will be gathered. The data regarding the visited pages will never be connected to the users personal information. In the case in which the user gives his consent, his/her data could be used for the promotion of Tours of Pompeii activities.

Tours of Pompeii may only reveal the personal information if it is obliged to do so by law or in the case in which there is the firm conviction that such action is necessary in order to: (A) abide by the law (B) protect and defend t he rights or the property of Tours of Pompeii.

Tours of Pompeii reserves the right to modify the present document. In the case in which the users personal data is used in a different manner to that specified in the legal notice published at the time of the gathering of the data, the users will be informed by means of notices on the Tours of Pompeii portal. In relation to the treatment of the users personal data, the user has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or non existence of personal data which concerns him/her.

The user has the right to obtain:

- the update, rectification or integration of the gathered data;

-the deletion, transformation or the blocking of data treated in violation of the law, including the data which is not necessary to conserve for the purposes for which the data was gathered or subsequently treated.;

- the certification that the operations described above have been made known to those to whom the data has been communicated or diffused, except for the case in which such duty proves to be impossible or requires the use of resources disproportionate to the tutored right.