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Skip-the-Line Full-Day Pompeii Day Tour with Local Guide

Explore the highlights of Pompeii with a specialized guide. (59)
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  • 4 Hours
  • Not Accessible
  • Photos Allowed
  • Transportation Optional
  • Walking Tour
  • Official Tour guide

Tour Description

A unique journey back in time!

Book this 4-hour tour of Pompeii for an immersive experience in the history of ancient Rome. A knowledgeable local guide will take you through the Archaeological Park and provide an insightful commentary that you will never forget! We will make sure that you do not miss any of the greatest landmarks of Pompeii, and thanks to our skip-the-line tickets you will not waste any time waiting in line before entering.

In 79 AD, Pompeii was a thriving metropolis that fell victim to a devastating eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Thanks to the ashes that completely covered it, it is now an incredibly
well-preserved site with a unique atmosphere. During the tour we will visit the theaters, an important cultural gathering place for the Roman society, and the Stabian Baths. You will catch a glimpse of the everyday life of the long-gone inhabitants of Pompeii by seeing wine cellars and restaurants, the barracks of the gladiators and even the red light district. We will also visit the Forum, the center of the political and social life, as well as fascinating temples and ornate villas. Marvel at stunning mosaics and colorful frescoes!

On this private tour, the guide will be at your complete disposal. Wear comfortable shoes, grab your camera and come see the breathtaking Pompeii!

The Skip-the-Line Full-Day Pompeii Day Tour with Local Guide books quickly, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for information and reservations.

What's included

A fun and informative tour of the Pompeii Archaeological Park led by a top-rated local guide.

  • Licensed Official Tour Guide
  • Skip-the-Line Tickets
  • Forum
  • Stabian Baths
  • Via dell'Abbondanza
  • Much more...


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Image - Tour taken in Jan -

Beau B. with our tour Guide Lello

"From beginning to end, Lello was absolutely spectacular. I didn't really know what to expect from this tour or from Pompeii in general, but the knowledge that our guide was able to give to us was immense, while also keeping everything fun. Will be recommending this tour and Lello for anyone visiting Pompeii. Thank you so much ", Beau B.

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