Florence is the capital of Tuscany, one of Italy's most beautiful regions. The city is also the the birthplace of Italian Renaissance and its most famous artists such as Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo.

Florence is very rich in works of art, monuments and history. On this fabulous tour your local guide will take you through narrow medieval streets to the main sites.

The itinerary includes the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, also called the "Duomo", with its huge dome and colorful belltower that stand above the city red roofs! Inside the church you will see Vasari's " Last Judgment", one of the world's largest frescoes.

You will visit St. Lorenzo market and via dei Calzaioli, Florence's most popular shopping areas with plenty of leather, accessories and jewerly shops.

You will see the main square, Piazza della Signoria, and Palazzo Vecchio that is today the town hall. Your expert local guide will tell you facts and curiosities that you do not find in most of the books!

The tour coninues through the Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio) and the Uffizi Museums, one of the greatest art collections on earth. Optional, instead of the Uffizi (or together with), you can visit the Academy (Accademia) where Michelangelo's David is located.

You will also visit Michelangelo's tomb in the Basilica of St. Croce which is one of the city's most precious and renowned churches.

Your guide will give you also precious suggestions for lunch to taste local food and wine since Tuscany is famous for its cuisine!!!!



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Colosseum Metro Station - Street Address: Piazzale del Colosseo, Rome, Italy.

How to Get There

- Metro from Termini Train Station: Take the metro (Red line B, direction Laurentina). Get off at “Colosseo” stop. Outside the station you will see our guide next to the Newspapers Agency.

- Train from Fiurmicino Airport: From the airport train station take the direct train to central train station Roma Termini. From there, take the metro (Red line B, direction Laurentina). Get off at “Colosseo” stop. Outside the station you will see our guide next to the Newspapers Agency

The Colosseum

The Colosseum

The Colosseum was the largest amphitheatre in the Roman Empire. It was built between 72 and 81 AD:

It could countain more than 50.000 spectators and hostedr animals fights, gladiators' combats and public excecutions. More than 100.000 tons of limestone were used for its construction.

The Arch of Constantine

The Rooms of Raphael

It is the largest tryumphal arch of Rome. It was built to honor Emperor Constantine in 315 AD.

The arch was topped by a bronze charriot and stands on the road of the victory march that you see often in movies. The reliefs on the arch show the campaigns of the emperor in Italy aginst his rival Maxentius.

The Arch of Titus & the Menorah

The Menorah

The most famous arch of the Forum is dedicated to Emperors Titus and Vespasian.

The reliefs on the arch show the tryumphal parade after the victorious campaign in Judea. The oldest image of the Jewish menorah in the world is featured among the trophies brought back to Rome by the soldiers.

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum

The Forum was the main square of Ancient Rome. It was the center of the political, commercial and judicial activities of the city.

The main road crossing the forum is the Via Sacra (the Sacred Street). This ancient road is surrounded by temples, tribunals and significant government buildings, including the Senate House.

The Curia Iulia -the Senate House

The Senate House

The Senate is the most important and famous political institution of Ancient Rome.

The building housing the Senate was called Curia Iulia adn became a church after the fall of the Roman Empire. Its marble floor is still the original since the III century AD.

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Our meeting point is just outside the main entrance of the Colosseo Metro Station (blue line B next to the Newspaper Agent). Street Address: Piazzale del Colosseo, Rome, Italy. For details about our meeting point contact us by email or use the form.

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  • Wendy M.
    McLean, Virginia

    We had the pleasure of having Bruno as a tour guide - and he was worth every penny. He really knew how to make the Colosseum and Forum come alive and be interesting for my kids (ages 11 and 9). I highly recommend him!

  • Rory K.
    Los Angeles

    This was not just your dry tour of facts and dates but lots of interesting and fun snippets about the roman way of life. I would throughly recommend this tour, Nicolo was superb, knowledgeable funny and passionate, he also recommended some restaurants which were very good.

  • Shannon F

    Our tour of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum with Bruno was fantastic! We were a larger group of 11 family members, ages 45 to 13, and Bruno keep us all interested and engaged. While showing us the amazing sights, he asked us many questions about the history, making a fun learning game of all of the facts. He was very knowledgeable and kind and passionate about showing us Rome as he saw it. He took and shared a wonderful picture of our family together in the Forum! It was a special day for us, thanks to Bruno! Thank you so much, Bruno!!

  • Patricia T.
    New York

    A full 3 hours and he even went a little over. The personal, small group tour was so much better than a bigger group tour which we did at other places and the price is still reasonable. Bruno is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Rome and its history. The whole thing was very educational but he made sure to make it fun and funny too. Overall a great experience and totally worth it. Without a guide it is hard to know what you are looking at and understand it all and I cant imagine one better than Bruno. Highly recommend

  • Penny V.
    United Kingdom

    Our tour with Bruno was on the hottest day of our Italian vacation but Bruno kept our kids engaged and happy throughout the three hours we spent with him touring the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Bruno was very updated on US culture and related very well to our children through TV shows and movies they were familiar with from home. He also played a long running game with them asking them trivia questions throughout the tour while talking about ancient Roman history and the architecture of the Colosseum. My 7 year old son remembers Bruno very fondly and calls this his #1 tour. Bruno was very knowledgeable and although my wife and I have visited Rome in the past, we also learnt a number of new things during the tour.

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Two hours extra to visit the Capitol Museums

The She-Wolf

The Capitol Museums are the world's oldest national museums founded in 1471.

The museums contain famous statues such as the bronze She-Wolf, the Colossal Head of Constantine, the bust of Cicero, the statue of Marcus Aurelius. Other important pieces in the collections are the fragments of an ancient Roman calendar from Anzio, the tomb markers of a gladiator and a charioteer, Ancient mosaics and beatiful renaissance frescoes about the origins of Rome.

One hous extra to visit Michelangelo's Moses

Michelangelo's Moses

The Moses is one of.Michelangelo's most famous sculptures. It is located inside the Church of St. Peter in Chains

Only few steps away from the Colosseum another famous church hosts the tomb of Pope Julius II designed and sculpted by Michelangelo and his followers. The church contains important relics and other precious works of art.