Naples is the home of one the world’s greatest collections of treasures. The Greek-Roman artwork collection which can be found in the National Museum of Naples is a true testimony of the rich culture of the city.

The National Archaeological Museum itself is seen as another precious historical heritage. It was founded by the King of Naples, Charles VII in the late XVIII century, to preserve highly valuable artwork collections inherited from his ancestors.

The Museum is also the home of a number of other historical treasures such as the ones founded during excavations of the Ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Prepare yourself to encounter a richness of cultural treasures on this tour. You will see the famous sculptures of the Farnese Bull and Atlas, and the colourful mosaics of the battle between Darius and Alexander.

You will touch precious parts of rich cultural heritage such as a 2000 year old frescoes originating from the houses of Pompeii, Stabia and other ancient towns which ceased to exist due to Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. You will be charmed by the diversity of artefacts which can be seen as part of the general tour of the museum which we provide.

We can also focus on a specific historical topic and shape our tour around your areas of interest. In this respect, we would usually recommend a mix of activities such as a visit to the museum to be accompanied by a visit of the ruins of Pompei and Herculaneum. Not only would this give you a great pleasure but also provide you with a complete experience to help you understand the ancient culture of Roman times.

Please feel free to contact us via email, phone or our online contact form. We will make sure that your visit to the National Museum of Naples is an exciting and memorable experience for you.


Usually 3 hours, but if you would like an in-depth longer visit we can arrange one customized for you with our local expert

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Take the Metro Line 1 and get off at “MUSEO” station. You can check and download the metro map here (Just click on this link).

The Farnese Bull

The Farnese Bull

One of the most famous and precious sculptures of the museum

It is the largest single sculpture ever recovered from antiquity to date. This colossal marble sculptural group represents the myth of Dirce. She was tied to a wild bull by the sons of Antiope, who wanted to punish her for the ill-treatment inflicted on their mother.

Alexander Mosaic

Alexander Mosaic

One of the most copied and renowned Ancient mosaics in history

Dating to II century BC, originally from the House of the Faun in Pompeii. It depicts a battle between the armies of Alexander the Great and Darius III of Persia.

The Farnese Atlas

The Farnese Atlas

It is a 2nd-century Roman marble sculpture of Atlas kneeling with the celestial spheres, weighing heavily on his shoulders.

It stands seven feet (2.1 meters) tall, and the globe is 65 cm in diameter. The Farnese Atlas is the oldest surviving pictorial record of Western constellations.

The Bronze Runners

The Runners

Two bronze fine statues of runners ready to start their race in a greek stadium

These beautiful Roman sculptures of I century A.D. imitate older statues of runners made in Greece in IV century b.C.

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The Archaeological Museum is located in Piazza Museo 19, Napoli. For details about our meeting point contact us by email or use the form.

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  • Fiona M.
    United Kindgom

    Our tour guide Lello was just outstanding, he was excellent with my children and extremely knowledgeable. Louise organised our pick up and Angelo was punctual and very friendly. Thank you for a memorable tour.

  • Galima and Oner Tuyluoglu
    July 2014

    I wanted to visit Pompeii ever since I was a child and we were very lucky to come across Tours of Pompeii. Our guide Filomena was very nice, friendly and very knowledgeable. We were slightly late for the tour but she met us with a smile on her face and was very helpful with the tickets. I would strongly recommend hiring a guide to visit Pompeii otherwise touring it on your own can be quite confusing since there is very little signage. I just wish our overall impression of Italy was as positive as our trip to Pompeii and Mena was the nicest and friendliest person we had met in Italy. The staff at PTOP was very professional and reliable. Overall, it was a great experience and I wish we also had toured Herculaneum and surrounding area with Mena. Thank you Tours of Pompeii and keep up the good work.

  • Dorothy M.

    Our family of four, took the guided tour with Margherita on August 1rst. While the site of Pompeii is impressive on its own, we all felt that having a Margherita guide us through the site added immeasurably to the experience. She is extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of ancient Rome and the Pompeii catastrophe and conveyed information about the ruins and life of Pompeii in a way that was stimulating and accessible for both us and our teenage boys. Margherita responded thoughtfully to our questions and did a great job of pacing the tour. Simply a great way to see the site. Made us wish we had someone like Margherita along with us at other ruins we visited in Italy. Highly recommended.

  • Debbie whitworth

    I highly recommend anyone visiting pompeii to take a private tour with please do not waste your time in looking any further. From the moment I made my first enquiry by email asking questions ...dates, times, cost involved etc I can honestly say how delighted I was with the excellent communication I received. I took my two sons to Italy and having visited Pompeii myself before wished my sons to have the experience of this truly wonderful amazing place. We were met off the train by Lello our guide for the tour and he was just amazing! You could not wish for a better guide to show you around the site. He was kind, polite, extremely helpful and caring of our needs and took us around the site following our pace.... his tour was "fantastico" ...his knowledge was second to none! My boys loved the tour ..we could not fault a thing from start to finish...thank you so much for a truly amazing experience and making our day in pompeii such a memorable one. So for all of you out there who are searching for a guided tour...look no further.

  • Anthony T.

    Pompeii was one of the stops on our week long European trip with our teenage kids. Though we visited many sites and took quite a few tours from several different tour companies, this one was by far the best. Lello was the reason. He was very knowledgeable, entertaining, tailored the tour to our kids, and made this tour the highlight of our trip. Planning the tour was very easy. We booked via email and took a train from Rome. Louise coordinated everything, was very responsive and helpful. Great overall experience!

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