This is a tour that literally takes you to hell…. but don’t worry, we will also bring you back!!

This is a trip with a difference; a journey through Ancient, mythological sites that were passageways to the “other world”. We will explore the Phlegraean Fields, the area of the most populated, yet still active volcano on earth.

The volcano’s smoking craters emit gas and sometimes erupt in a furnace of flames and were believed to be the home of the God Vulcan. This is also the land where the giants were buried after having been defeated by the gods.

We then continue to see one of the oldest Amphitheatres of the Roman Empire in the Ancient City of Puteoli (today Pozzuoli). Here we visit the underground rooms below the arena where both beasts and gladiators awaited their turn to fight in front of the bloodthirsty crowds.

Next we go to visit Lake Avernus, the entrance to Hades. The name Avernus was often used by Roman writers as a synonym for the underworld and according to Virgil, Aeneas as well as Odysseus and other famous heroes descended to the underworld via a grotto near to the lake.

Our next stop is for lunch in an area much-loved by the locals at one of its top-rated restaurants.

After lunch we continue to the Ancient Greek colony of Cuma. Here we visit the acropolis which has spectacular views over the bay and, as the Emperors often did, we will question the Sybil, the mythological female oracle who hid here in a deep, dark cave.

Our road to hell ends in the lovely village of Baia where wealthy, Ancient Romans spent wild and debauched vacations. In the village we explore an original cistern, the piscina mirabilis, which provided water to the Emperor Augustus’ fleet.

This is certainly an itinerary with a difference; rich in historic, artistic and natural wonders. It is one of the most interesting tours you will take in Italy. Great value and a truly “not to be forgotten” experience!

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On the Circumvesuviana Trainline from Napoli to Sorrento it takes about 30 minutes to get to Pompeii from either Naples or Sorrento. Get off at “Pompeii Villa dei Misteri” Click on the station where you want to get the train in this timetable

Pozzuoli Solfatara

The theatre in Pompeii

Ancient Romans believed it was the house of the God of Fire, Volcan

It is a shallow volcanic crater that emits jets of steam with sulfurous fumes. It is one of the 40 volcanos of the Phlegraean Fields

The Amphitheatre

Pompeii Small Theatre

It is the third largest Roman amphitheater in Italy.

Only the Colosseum in Rome and the Amphitheater in Capua are bigger. It was completed by Emperor Titus and could contain up to 20.000 spectators

The Sybil's Cave in Cuma

The house of menander

It was the location were the Sibyl prophesied by “singing the fates” and writing on oak leaves

The cave is 131 m long and leads to an innermost chamber, where the Sibyl was singing prophecies. The Sibyl was a guide to the underworld (Hades), the entry of which was the nearby crater, today lake, of Avernus.

Piscina Mirabilis

The house of menander

It is the largest freshwater cistern built by the ancient Romans

It is a masterpiece of Ancient Engineering, dug entirely out of the tuff stone. It had a capacity of 12,600,000 litres of water. It was supplied by a 100 km long aqueduct.

Lake Avernus

The Pleasure Houses

The Ancient Mythology's entrance to the Hades (underworld)

Despite the misteries and alleged dangers of the lake, villas and vineyards have been established on its shores from Ancient times until today.

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The Phlegraean Fields are located north of Naples. For details about our meeting point contact us by email or use the form.

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  • Fiona M.
    United Kindgom

    Our tour guide Lello was just outstanding, he was excellent with my children and extremely knowledgeable. Louise organised our pick up and Angelo was punctual and very friendly. Thank you for a memorable tour.

  • Galima and Oner Tuyluoglu
    July 2014

    I wanted to visit Pompeii ever since I was a child and we were very lucky to come across Tours of Pompeii. Our guide Filomena was very nice, friendly and very knowledgeable. We were slightly late for the tour but she met us with a smile on her face and was very helpful with the tickets. I would strongly recommend hiring a guide to visit Pompeii otherwise touring it on your own can be quite confusing since there is very little signage. I just wish our overall impression of Italy was as positive as our trip to Pompeii and Mena was the nicest and friendliest person we had met in Italy. The staff at PTOP was very professional and reliable. Overall, it was a great experience and I wish we also had toured Herculaneum and surrounding area with Mena. Thank you Tours of Pompeii and keep up the good work.

  • Dorothy M.

    Our family of four, took the guided tour with Margherita on August 1rst. While the site of Pompeii is impressive on its own, we all felt that having a Margherita guide us through the site added immeasurably to the experience. She is extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of ancient Rome and the Pompeii catastrophe and conveyed information about the ruins and life of Pompeii in a way that was stimulating and accessible for both us and our teenage boys. Margherita responded thoughtfully to our questions and did a great job of pacing the tour. Simply a great way to see the site. Made us wish we had someone like Margherita along with us at other ruins we visited in Italy. Highly recommended.

  • Debbie whitworth

    I highly recommend anyone visiting pompeii to take a private tour with please do not waste your time in looking any further. From the moment I made my first enquiry by email asking questions ...dates, times, cost involved etc I can honestly say how delighted I was with the excellent communication I received. I took my two sons to Italy and having visited Pompeii myself before wished my sons to have the experience of this truly wonderful amazing place. We were met off the train by Lello our guide for the tour and he was just amazing! You could not wish for a better guide to show you around the site. He was kind, polite, extremely helpful and caring of our needs and took us around the site following our pace.... his tour was "fantastico" ...his knowledge was second to none! My boys loved the tour ..we could not fault a thing from start to finish...thank you so much for a truly amazing experience and making our day in pompeii such a memorable one. So for all of you out there who are searching for a guided tour...look no further.

  • Anthony T.

    Pompeii was one of the stops on our week long European trip with our teenage kids. Though we visited many sites and took quite a few tours from several different tour companies, this one was by far the best. Lello was the reason. He was very knowledgeable, entertaining, tailored the tour to our kids, and made this tour the highlight of our trip. Planning the tour was very easy. We booked via email and took a train from Rome. Louise coordinated everything, was very responsive and helpful. Great overall experience!

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